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    Potential Marine army

    Hi, Im picking up the Codex soon but from the Models and "feel" i was looking at

    Captain - Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Iron Halo 106
    10x Tactical Marines - Vet - Power Fist
    - Plasma Gun
    - Heavy Bolter
    - Rhino - Extra Armour 248
    10x Tactical Marines - Vet - Power Fist
    - Melta Gun
    - Multi Melta
    - Rhino - Extra Armour 253
    10x Tactical Marines - Vet - Power Fist
    - Flamer 174
    5x Scouts - Bolters
    - Heavy Bolters 70
    5x Scouts - Bolters
    - Heavy Bolters 70
    7x Assualt Marines - Vet - Power Fist
    - Combat Shield
    - 2x Plasma Pistols 197
    Land Raider Redeemer 255
    Vindicator - Seige Shield 125

    (points from old codex and memory )

    Chapter Being Crimson Fists Hence the manic amount of Power Fists.
    My idea being Marines in the fluff are a mobile hard hitting force with good flexability. With the Crimson Fists losing their Monestery (i cant spell) i decided Terms and Dreads where a no go (unless i run out of cash as i have a dread ). I tried to get some balance with some anti infantry, some Anti Tank and some Horde killer stuff. My direct friends use Orcs and Dark Angels but the local store has a good community and that is well varied. Taking lots of troop choices as heard they are the only units that can take and hold objectives

    I like marines for looks (also considering going Guard for tanks ) and they feel like what 40k should be

    If its illegal or any comments, as for points values ill confirm all that when i get the codex (any luck thats tonight)

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