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    1850 points, Tourney List

    Hey everybody,
    i finished this army for a tournament i will play soon.
    what do you think? will it work? view my tactic at the bottom to understand what i plan to do.

    Master Of The Forge
    +Conversion Beamer 120 pts

    Terminator Assault Squad
    5xLightning Claws
    +Dedicated Transport
    Land Raider Crusader
    +Multi Melta 460 pts

    Tactical Squad
    +Melta Gun
    +Heavy Bolter 175 pts

    Tactical Squad
    +Lascannon 180 pts

    Land Speeder Squadron
    3xLand Speeder
    +Heavy Bolter
    (total of 2 HB per LS) 180 pts

    Land Speeder Squadron
    3xLand Speeder
    +Heavy Bolter
    (total of 2 HB per LS) 180 pts

    Land Speeder Squadron
    3xLand Speeder
    +Heavy Bolter
    (total of 2 HB per LS) 180 pts

    +Siege Shield 125 pts

    +Siege Shield 125 pts

    +Siege Shield 125 pts

    GRAND TOTAL: 1850 pts

    The tactic:
    The 3 vindicators and the Land Raider will make an armoured breakthrough force,
    (3 Ord, and a lot of guns schould provide a problem for the enemy)
    supported by the 9 land speeders wich have a total of 54 HB shots if they move just 6".
    the tactical squads will split up in combat squads, 2 moving behind the Vindi's and 2 giving covering fire and claim an objective at my side,
    the techmarine will join the lascannon squad and bolster the defences and give covering fire to, (the conversion beamer schould be able to do some damage)

    DA MASTA' PLAN! :kill everything with the vindicators, the land raider with terminators and the 9 land speeders, just try to keep one objective for my own and contest (if there are any survivors) the objectives of the enemy, (when i have 1 and he has 0, i win)

    a note:
    i know it would probably be better to take thunder hammers and storm shield equiped termi's instead of LC's but i lack the models for that.

    another note:
    if someone wants to say 'get an other Land Raider variant' i would totally agree with him but it is the only land raider model i have, so...

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