Captain with power sword and jump pack 135

6 Terminators with cyclone missile launcher 270

10 Tactical Marines with plasma cannon, plasma gun, power sword, drop pod 235

10 Tactical Marines with missile launcher, melta gun, power fist, Rhino 235

5 Assault Marines with power fist 125

The plasma tac. squad is going to drop down on an objective first turn and sit on it the whole game. The other tac. squad is geared more for removing someone else's troops from an objective and then holding it.

The captain and assault marines are going to be counter assaulers or support units as needed. They may also pick off isolated or weakend units. My goal with the captain was fast, cheap, and hard hitting.

The terminators are there to look big and scary. They can knock out armor and infantry at range or up close in combat. I added the 6th man because I had the extra points kicking around and I didn't want to cram more wargear into my captain.

I would love some feedback on this list. I'm looking to expand it up to 1500 points eventaually but I wanted to lay down a good base.