HQ - Lemartes
Elites - Deathcompany Dreadnought with Heavy flamer and Drop pod
Elites - 5 Man Terminator Squad with chainfist and assault Cannon
Elites - 5 Man Scout Squad with Power fist and 2 x shotguns
Death Company - 5 Men with jump packs
Troops - 10 Man Tactical Squad Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon
Troops - 5 Man Tactical Squad Plasma Gun Power Weapon Melta Bmb
Troops - 5 Man Tactical Squad Melta Gun Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol
Troops - 5 Man Assault Squad With Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon
Heavy Support - Baal Predator Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolter


Won - 1 Drawn - 0 Lost - 0

Also have to mix it up all the special characters, Honour Guard Squad on foot, 2 x Landspeeder Tornados, 1 x Land speeder Typhoon, Rhino, 5 More assault marines

Let me know what you think.

I need some ideas for playing Tau on the 27/10/08

Cheers guys

Raven Guard 1500/Tyranids 1500/Necrons 1500
For One, For All, For The Emperor!