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    1500 Marines for fun, competative?

    Hey, just drew up a list im thinking of making, for a play around. Hopefully it will prove effective in the long run too.
    The general idea was to include everything that struck me as the core of what makes a marine, a marine, and the units that marines have, that are fun.

    Calgar - termy armour = 265
    There because, marines should have a badass leading the way, and he is about as badass as i could get.

    Tactical squad – 10 – power weapon, Plasma cannon, flamer = 190
    Power weapon, as i dont like having identical squads. Plasma cannon, well you have to have one dont you?

    Tactical squad – 10 – power fist, missile launcher, flamer = 195
    Fairly standard load out.

    Rhino = 35
    Gotta have at least one rhino in a marine force! Its like the law!

    Scout squad – 5 – sniper rifles = 75
    Scouts always struck me as a fun unit, and a cheap cover save crabbing point holder if need be.

    Assault terminators – 5, 2 twin lightening claws, 3 thunder hammers and storm shields = 200
    New rules make storm shields awesome, Terminators are uber marines, and therefore must be included in at least some way.

    Dreadnought - multi melta = 105
    Strike me as the most fantastic walker in the game, back story wise.

    Drop Pod = 35
    Gotta include at least one, as marines are forever using these little tools in their stories, and for gaming sake, having a dread land near some expensive tanks is my idea of fun

    Biker Squadron – 3 – 2 melta guns = 110
    A couple of tonnes of battle bike, plus an angry marine = a happy player. Strike me as an excelent close range herassment unit, and a prefered choice over assult marines, as they require more points and bodies to be effective.

    Attack Bike squad – 1 – multi melta = 50
    More cheap fire power, this was going to either be an attack bike or a land speeder, i opted for the attack bike in the end for the added safety of being smaller.

    Land Raider Redeemer = 240
    Marines are the best of the best, they should have the best tanks of the best, therefore i needed a land raider, i chose this one because its a little cheaper and because I needed some anti horde (and those flame cannons look really cool)

    Total = 1500
    11 Kill points

    So what do you guys think?

    I was actually surprised just how many different units i managed to fit into the army having taken a third of it with calgar and the land raider, but it still feels fairly balanced - 1 hq, 3 troops, 2 elites, 2 fast attack, 1 heavy support, 2 transports.

    Can it hold its own? Does it need more troops (yes i know, but they are so dull)?

    And what should i add to reach the magical 2k if i need to?

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