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    1500 pts competition force

    I know time is short, but ive just put an army list together that i think would work quite well in a competition that im at on saturday, i know time is short but i could really use any advice on my list good and bad comments are welcome. Likely opponents seen to be space marines, tau, eldar, possibly guard, and maybe deamons or grey knights and also chsos marines.

    HQ: 120pts.
    Space Marine Captain: power weapon and storm shield.

    TROOPS: 686pts.
    Tactical Squad 1: 10 men, plasma gun and plasma cannon.
    Tactical Squad 2: 10 men, plasma gun and plasma cannon.
    Scout Squad 1: 10 men, 4x bp and ccw, 5x shotguns and sgt with bp + pwr wpn.
    Scout Squad 2: 8 men, 6x snipers, 1x heavy bolter and sgt telion.

    ELITES: 250pts.
    Drednought 1: Heavy flamer, assault cannon.
    Drednought 2: Heavy flamer, assault cannon.

    HEAVY SUPPORT: 445pts.
    Devastators: 10 men, 4 missile launchers.
    Vindicator: as is.
    Thunderfire cannon: as is.

    TOTAL: 1501pts.

    Any help and ideas, good or bad would be apreciated.

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    Ooh, full plasma! You're to my liking.

    Personaly, I hate flamer templates (from the dreads), I never seem to get to use them, I rather have the storm bolter, and get the wicked 6 shots off at 24" range. Doesn't matter who you play, the amount of shots is death for even marines (especially with rending), and the relative high strength of the storm bolter, as well as getting to score hits from 24" off, ignoring armour.. That's just too sweet against Guard, Tau and Eldar as well.

    As for Sergeant Telion with the scouts. I rather see him in the close-combat scouts. His WS of 5 can really make a difference there, and his BS6 isn't wrongly placed there either, with that stalker boltgun of his. Also, by removing the heavy flamers, you can buy more sniper scouts for the other squad!

    As for mixed weapons. I don't like it. I rather have all shotgun, or all melee, although I guess this is just how your models work out. Seeing the enemies you'll be fasing, I'd opt for all shotgun. Bolters might be nice against the Eldar and Guard (ignoring armour save), but it'd really be no change against the marines, and you really need the charge all of your enemies to really tie up your enemy. Shotguns ain't Assault 2 for nothing! :o

    As for your Captain. I really don't know what his function is. I would make him a Librarian with maybe the Epistolary upgrade (in case you didn't buy extra scouts with the heavy flamers). An Epistolary with Vortex of Doom (possibly Smite, if you don't like scatter) and Gate of Infinity against marines, Machine Curse and Force Dome against tank-heavy, and Smite and Force Dome against the rest.

    As for the Thunderfire Cannon, it might be nice against Tau, but that's it, I think. I'd rather take a Land Speeder with Assault Cannon and get another scout.

    Best of luck in your tournament
    ~ Wulf
    Getting Help = Giving Rep

    Space Wolves 5th edition:
    W13, L2, D2

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