Ive havent been gaming for like 2 years, but got back into for my male love for war.
Anyways, i had a chaplain, 2 10 man marines squads with power fist and meltas/flamer/pla guns.

I brought Black Reach today, probably the best box set Gamesworkshop ever released considering just the terminators and the captain seperately cost the same price as like 50 models and extras!!

So heres a list i made, i havent got exact points as i havent got codex yet.

Chaplian-Plasma pistol= 110ish
Captain-Power sword bolt pistol= 100ish
(Can you guys recommend any good wargear as i have no idea whats avalible in the new dex)

Venerable Dread-Extra Armour=170ish

5 Termies= 200ish

2x8 marines-Plasma gun, misslelauncher, veteran w/ powerfist=150ish

Fast Attack
2x10 Marines (no jumppacks)-melta in one, flamer in other, vet w/ powerfist in each= 360ish


The 2 Tac squads hold a flank each.
The Dread and termies take the center with an assualt squad either side (With a chappy and catpain in each assualt squad).

Hopefuly enemy with shoot dread and termies (the venerable will hold of fire for a while) leaving my assualt squads unscathed ready to dish out 30 attacks per squad with rerolls to hit with the chappys squad (is Liniates of Hate still in the dex?).
And tac squads hold flanks and shoot things shooting my main spearhead.

What do you guys think?