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    1.5k Guard First Attempt

    I have chosen to do my army like this mainly becuse i like the models and like to have lots of different units so no matter what im faced with i can deal with it. Any feedback is very welcome.

    Senior Officer-Frag Grenades-Power Fist-76
    Veterans-Frag Grenades-Medic-Standard Bearer-Regimental Standard-58

    Commissar-Power Fist-60

    Priest-Eviscerator-Purity Seals-70



    2-Infantry Platoons-2 Autocannons-Junior Oficer-190

    2-Infantry Platoons-2 Autocannons-Junior Officer-190

    9-Rough Riders-Veteran Sergeant-Honorifica Imperialis-Hunting Lances-141


    Leman Russ-Lascannon-Heavy Bolters-165

    Leman Russ-Lascannon-Heavy Bolters-165


    Any advice or tips is most welsome i am very new to guard as some of u might tell from my list. I mainly cjose the models i like with the hope it may still perform quite well.

    Any Feedback is Welcome. Thank You

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    you have a fairly balanced list there the only thing I woudl really chnage is the setup for the main command squad. Unlike most other armies our command squads don't want to see combat if we can help it. I'd drop all of those frags and the powerfist, go for a powersword.

    I'd also drop the medic and the veterans that arent needed. give the squad a mortar and use it for leadership. Unfortunately this means the priest is next touseless and the commisar will need to change his weapon if you still want him. The main HQ really needs to be for leadership purposes IMO.

    Ive never run ogryns and TBh havn't found many people who do. whatever you do with them be very careful with them, they can be taken down badly by heavy weapons so keep them in cover and use them as counter assault.

    The ratlings should help your army by going for elite choices and command squads, im not sure such a big squad is necessary but it might be ok, You'll have to play test it.

    The infantry platoon setup is a bit of a problem for me. You have two useless command squads, the line squads are ok but would benefit from special weapons. I woudl drop the ogryns in favour of a beefed out troops choice TBh. Get a couple of special weapons int he commands or mortars, grenade launchers and plasma complement autocans well so consider them for the line squads.

    The rough riders seem ok but it would be better to have them in two 5 man squads, that way you can get a second vet sarge and also its easier to hide the squads. thy can always support eachother in game.

    The hellhound could do with extra armour and a pintle heavy stubber (again another reason to drop the ogryns), the russ seem ok but triple hb is still a better setup than lascannon and heavy bolters. also try and get them extra armour.

    Over all I'd drop the priest and the ogryns, cut a fair amount out of the main command and get the officer HSO status. I'd use the spare points to beef out the line troops and add some extras to the tanks.

    Hope that helps

    Welcome to the Guard!


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