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Thread: 1500 ps SM List

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    1500 ps SM List

    THis is my attempt at yet another army. I've listened to comments before about more troops, so I tried to give that some focus but also giving lots of cover via mobile armor.

    List as is follows:

    HQ - Captain - Power sword and Hellfire round boltgun 125

    Troop - Tactical Squad (9+S) Flamer, Hvy Bolter, Serg w/Chainsword & BP 170
    Tactical Squad (9+S) Flamer, Hvy Bolter, Serg w/Chainsword & BP 170
    Scout Squad (4+S) Shotgun x2, Combat blade/BP x2, Serg w/PF&BP 100

    Elite - Sternguard Squad (9+S) 250

    Heavy - Devastator Squad (4+S) Missile Launcher x4 150
    Whirlwind 85
    Land Raider 250

    Fast - Land Speeder Storm 50

    Dedicated Transports - Rhino w/Extra Armor 50
    Rhino w/Extra Armor 50
    Rhino w/Extra Armor 50


    Both Tact squads will combaty squad leaving the hvy bolter group behind to help cover the Devs while the flamer group will board the rhino. The captain and sternguard will get in the other rhino. The scout squad is there in the LS storm to be a quick objective holder or to go pound a small unit with the serg's PF. The Whirlwind will hopefully rain damage down on clumped up groups or light infantry, while the devs and the LR can be tank poppers.

    Any advice or corrections to the list are always welcome.


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    I think the rhino only holds 10 models, so it can't hold all ten sternguard plus the captain. He could join one of the flamers tho. That asks the question weather you really want a guy with a power sword in with the sternguards anyway. I know he has the hellfire rounds, which are good, but do you really want the sternguard to fight in CC? They are ok at it but I don't think their point costs justify just being "ok." I run mine away from combat

    I don't run scouts much but I heard it is best to give them all shotguns or all bp/cw. That just might be how your models work out tho i dunno.

    Other than that looks good. The dev squad is squishy but the heavy bolter squads should be able to cover them.

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