1k Ultramarines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 1k Ultramarines

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    1k Ultramarines

    Having just gone halves on a black reach set with a new player I find myself in posession of a small SM force. As such as it is I've decided to start playing that most interesting and underused of armies Ultramarines. First Try at a list rip it apart if its crap...


    Captain Sicarius - 200


    5 Terminators - 200


    10 Tactical Marines - 190
    Melta Gun
    Power Sword

    5 Scouts - 90
    Teleport Homer

    Fast Attack

    Land Speeder 60
    Heavy Bolter

    Land Speeder - 60
    Heavy Bolter

    Heavy Support

    Vindicator - 115

    Predator - 85
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    1000 points.

    Tactics - Infiltrate the scouts and the tactical squad who then be supported by Deep striking terminators. Vindicator takes out whatever is the biggest threat whilst land speeders and predator mash infantry. Sicarius can just casually make his way towards the enemy.

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    Whilst i'm semi-new to playing SM myself. I have fought them on numerous occasions, so I thought i'd give my 5 isk.

    Personally i think that Captain Sicarius is rather expensive for a 1k army list, so unless you REALLY want him i'd rather have a slightly tooled up captain, which can easily save you around 60 pts.

    How are you arming the scouts btw? Again personally I'd equip them with sniper rifles as with the 2 land speeders & tactical squad you've got good anti-infantry.

    I'd worried that the 5 Termies would be a bit vulnerable, as if your going up against anything shooty they can easily be killed in one turn (I know this from personal experience).

    I think you might need some more anti-tank in this army, possible get another land speeder but arm this one with a melta?

    Still, its probably a good idea to test the army against one of your mates, proxy some models just to get the feel of it.

    and remember "The only good blue is a dead blue!"

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