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    1500 Imperial Fists

    I am planning to build up a new Space Marine Army. Concerning the painting and the background, I chose the Imperial Fists. This is, what it could look like:


    Captain Lysander 200


    Tactical Squad 10 220
    Sergeant with power fist and combi-melta, 1 x melta, 1 x lascannon

    Dedicated Transport: Razorback with twin-linked heavy bolters 40

    Tactical Squad 10 215
    Sergeant with energy fist and combi-melta, 1 x melta, 1 x plasma cannon
    Dedicated Transport: Razorback with twin-linked heavy bolters 40

    Scout Squad 10 195
    Sergeant with power weapon
    4 x cc, teleport homer
    4 x sniper rifles, 1 x heavy weapon, camo cloaks
    Dedicated Transport: Land Speeder Storm with heavy flammer 60


    Terminator Squad 5 230
    1 x cyclone missile launcher

    Fast Attack

    Land Speeder 70
    multi-melta, heavy flamer

    Heavy Support

    Vindicator 125
    siege shield

    Predator 85
    autocannon, 2 x heavy bolters

    What do you think?

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    Looks ok enough, some might say lacks combat punch, but the powerfists and termies are underestimated. Im liking the landspeeder storm dropping half the scouts off on an objective. heavy flamer is a nice choice with the lower BS of the storm.

    As for anti armour. You have a few units capable of this its just getting the most out of them. If u have any points for a kinky little chain fist on the termies, the kids love them when they rip Landraiders to pieces.

    the only thing i dont like is the fact ur the yellow fist variety Crimson Fists ftw.

    GL and let me know how u fair
    I came, I typo'd, I editted
    Orc / Empire / Deamon WFB (indecisive)
    Crimson Fists approaching 10 undefeated at 1500

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