dark angels desire for termination 2k - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    dark angels desire for termination 2k

    Hq Belial

    5x term sq. 4x claws 1x hammer + dark angel banner
    5x term sq. 1x assault cn. 1x apothecary w/ claws 2x bolters 1x chainfist
    5x term sq. 1x cyclone 4x bolters
    5x term sq. 1x assault cn. 2x claws 3x bolters

    2x speeders assault cn. w/ multi melta

    1x Dreadnought t/l lascannon

    2x devastator sq. 4x plasma cn.

    this is a 2k army but i have 60 points left i really dont know how to use it cant really do much but overall yall think it might pose a challege to other armies any advice is welcomed thanks even if you say it sucks

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    First of all your list isn't legal.

    Apothecary and Standard Bearer have to be in the same unit.

    Second of all Tornados with AC are not worth it in this edition. They are to expensive, and most of the time you can shoot with only one weapon. Tornados with MM+HF will be much better and much cheaper.

    Third - you have only one piece of armour (I do not count the speeders) which means that it will not last more then your first turn. Imho leave the dreadnought at home, or take two venerables.

    Fourth - How many models have the devastator units?

    If you want to make deathwing without land riders then I strongly suggest bikes. You can take a unit of three bikes plus an attack bike, and thanks to their teleport homers you can deep strike 2 of your termi units in the first round which will shorten the distance to the enemy.
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