Black Templars [1500] Mech - GT08 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Black Templars [1500] Mech - GT08

    Hi, this is my list for this year's grand tournament. It has a few flaws to iron out, I would apreciate any advice people can give on it. So far it has played extremley well at our local club, the only army it tends to fall down against is an over the top Eldar army which features 6 War Walkers, FDs in a Falcon and Eldrad casting fortune on an Avatar.


    Marshal; Pair of Lightning Claws, Iron Halo, Holy Orb, Terminator Honours, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades (163

    Emperor's Champion; Accept Any Challenge (140


    Sword Brethren Terminator Squad
    - 5 Terminators; 2 Assault Cannons (240


    Crusader Squad
    - 8 Initiates; BPs & CCWs, Frag Grenades, Meltagun, Powerfist
    - Rhino; Extra Armour, Smoke (219

    x2 (219

    x3 (219

    Heavy Support

    Predator Annihilator; Sponson Lascannons, Extra Armour (150

    x2 (150

    It's a pretty simple list so not much explanation needed, the Crusader squads are my main combat troops and objective takers, who are backed up by the characters. Predators find a good position and give the army some much needed fire support. The Terminators tend to either start on the line when I need some massed medium strength firepower, or they deepstrike wherever I happen to need a few Powerfists.

    Kill point total is 11.

    Any advice is apreciated. Thanks.

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    Nice list, a few kinks though. To hold your home objective you have to spend an entire squad whose longest range is 12 inch. Not a promising start, lol. I would suggest them a cheap tactical sqaud with maybe a heavy bolter, that is only 85 points, can hold your home objective and deal some cheap damage to boot ( i always take a plasma cannon squad but its abit more expensive).

    The second point is that in 5th edition power fist models dont receive an extra attack for 2x CCW, thus your expensive guy has a whole 1 attack. And therefor with your champ's vow a power sword is a much better item (cheaper too!)

    Strong list though, very good.
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