Blood Angels 1850-2k - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Blood Angels 1850-2k

    i like this list

    vet assault in rhino 6x power swords 2x
    death company 10x
    assault squad 10x power fist
    assault squad 10x power fist
    assualt squad 10x power fist
    baal pred
    baal pred
    pred auto
    dread multi melta
    dread multi melta
    attack bikes 2x multi melta

    what does anyone think. let me know of any changes

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    Overall looks pretty solid. I've got a couple questions to pose though:

    1) Why the Veteran Assault Squad in a Rhino? Presumably they're meant to escort Dante and Corbulo, in which case I ask: why not an Honor Guard instead? Costs roughly the same, but gives you some more fun upgrade options, like carrying the Company Banner to give the whole squad +1 attack, Sanguinary Priest, etc.

    2) Do you expect the Dreadnoughts with Multi-meltas to really accomplish much on foot? Only 24" range, and better odds to penetrate armor than a missile launcher at 12" isn't real good when it has to footslog. I think you'd be better off either finding points to get them drop pods. Could run them as Furiosos Dreads so they have more close-combat oomph. Those would also do well with pods.

    3) What's your plan when you go up against an equally nasty close combat army? The CC punch of this list is absurd with the Dante/Corbulo Vets, 10-man DC, and 3 Assault Squads. So I guess you could just out close-combat even nasty CC lists. I'd still be a little hesitant about the lack of much shooting power in the list though, aside from the vehicles. And with all the predators being anti-infantry configured, you rely on either those two Dreads/Bikes with multi-meltas or power fists to deal with all enemy vehicles and heavily armored targets.
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