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    2000 points tourny list

    In my last tournament my list was really unbalanced. I was fighting against titans, and took a lot of anti armor. I did well, made a warhound titan go nuclear and destroyed a eldar titan (forgot what it is called, was a serious pain tho). But then I got run down in the last game by orks since I couldn't put out enough shots to kill them. I'm trying to put together a nice, balanced, SMurf list that can tank on anything.

    Any suggestions to better use of points or different weapons being more effective overall appreciated.

    The core of my list goes into making a firebase that sets up and just shoots at anything it sees:

    Master of the Forge w/ Conversion Beamer
    Dreadnought w/ TWLC and ML
    Dreadnought w/ Dual Autocannons
    Land Speeder w/ Multimelta and Heavy Bolter
    Tac Squad w/ 10 man, LC, and flamer
    Scout Squad w/ 10 man, 9 snipers, 1 heavy bolter
    Dev Squad w/ 5 man, 4 ML
    Land Raider
    This group costs 1190 points.

    Next I have three Drop Pods that are sacrificed to delay the enemy charging me, take out big tanks, and disrupt anything that scares me.

    Dreadnought w/ Multimelta and heavy flamer + drop pod
    Ironclad dreadnought w/ 2 combat arms and 2 heavy flamers + drop pod
    Tac Squad w/ 10 man, Multimelta, meltagun, and combimelta + drop pod
    This group costs 555 points.

    Last I have counter charge units:

    Space Marine Captain w/ Power weapon
    Command Squad w/ champion, and powerfist
    This group costs 255 points.

    Total: 2000


    Mainly I dig in and wait for the opponent to come to me. The captain w/ command squad hide in the land raider until they can get a charge on whatever is hurting me the most or deal with deep strikers.

    The pods are designed to keep the really fast units from rushing my firing line. I try to use them so that the opponents entire army doesn't hit me at once, and gives me time to kill them in groups.

    I set up my fire base as so:

    • The two dreadnoughts are the usually the first thing I want to get charged. They can survive combat better than normal tanks due to being walkers, and even without DCCW they can still attack at str 6. I don't expect them to kill anything, but I do expect them to live through combat, holding up whatever unit the opponent has to kill my infantry.
    • The tac squad splits up, and 5 guys either go for an objective or protect the master of the forge.
    • The scouts find cover, and hopefully they have a ruins that the master of the forge has fortified, giving them 3+ cover saves (almost like they are real marines).
    • The land raider is put in the middle, so that my command squad can reach almost anywhere in a turn and counter charge.

    Problems I am trying to fix:

    I think I need more anti horde and maybe another counter charge unit, but I don't know what to give up.

    I like having the command squad in the land raider because it almost ensures that I get the charge with my close combat unit, while giving me another tank to sit back and shoot with as they charge my lines. Sometimes the one squad just isn't enough tho. I would like another counter charge unit, like a 5 man assault squad, or maybe just giving the tac squad a power fist and spiting them up so I can position them to charge.

    I am also kind of sad at the amount of kill points I am giving away. I think I count 16 points in the list, while I have faced people with under 10. I don't see how I can get around this tho.

    I only have 3 troop choices, but I find that when I dig in I don't need more than that. I can combat squad into 6 units if I really need, and I can use the poded squad to take an objective if I really need. Most people that play at my store don't worry about objectives and just try to kill me anyway.

    I have tried going with more anti horde weapons, but then I find that I can't deal with the big stuff before it overruns me. One opponent that I almost always lose against plays nids. If I focus on his big stuff, I can't kill it all before it reaches me, and I can't deal with it plus all the little stuff. If I focus on the little stuff, the big stuff waltzes through my line.

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    My only sugestion would be sternguard. 10 with X combi-weapons(flamers for nids). Drop the master and iron clad for the points... Those are the only things i see as "expendable" in this list, especially if you fight titans... The stern can shoot the big nasties and wound them on 2s for about 2-3 turns(one if its dawn of war...), then use combi flamers/ap4/ignore cover rounds(determined by closest enemy) to take care of small hoards of bugs/boyz.


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