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    2k & 2.5k Battle Company

    Once again I'm bored at work and realized I can get a full battle company into a 2k list, just barely, and it could be led by a captain with a power sword, or chaplain with a jump pack

    Would this be effective a 2k list? It isn't too mobile and is more shooty than assaulty but when I'm comparing this to other 2k enemy lists I think it can take them on. With 13 missile launchers, 6 flamers and lots of bolters it can take a 200 ork boyz list, a 3 AV14 list (land raider or leman russ) with accompanying infantry, I think it stands a reasonable chance against a mech eldar list and other fast armies.

    For 2.5k I would upgrade all the tac's missile launchers to lascannons plus give 4 tac sgt's power weapons and 2 power fists and give all squads besides the assault marines a rhino and that leaves 50 pts for more wargear for the captain.

    2,000 pts Battle Company

    Chaplain w/jump pack 115
    (Or Captain w/power weapon)

    HQ Total:

    Line 1: 10 Tactical Marines 170 pts
    missile launcher, flamer

    Line 2:10 Tactical Marines 170 pts
    missile launcher, flamer

    Line 3: 10 Tactical Marines 170 pts
    missile launcher, flamer

    Line 4: 10 Tactical Marines 170 pts
    missile launcher, flamer

    Line 5: 10 Tactical Marines 170 pts
    missile launcher, flamer

    Line 6: 10 Tactical Marines 170 pts
    missile launcher, flamer

    Troops Total: 1020

    Line 7: 10 Assault Marines 205 pts
    Sgt. w/power weapon

    Line 8: 10 Assault Marines 215 pts
    Sgt. w/power fist

    Fast Attack Total:

    Line 9: 10 Devastator Marines 230 pts
    4 missile launchers
    Sgt. w/signum

    Line 10: 10 Devastator Marines 215 pts
    3 missile launchers
    Sgt. w/signum

    Heavy Support Total: 445

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    Interesting. The 2K point version definitely isn't sexy, but its hard to argue with putting 101 Space Marines on the table in just 2000 points. As you identified though, it lacks any real mobility whatsoever, outside of the Assault Marines. The devastators can't move and shoot their heavy weapons, and the Tactical Marines can't shoot past 12" if they're foot-slogging. So the only reason I'd play a list like that (outside of a desire for a REALLY fluffy tournament list) would be because that just happens to be the models I have available.

    The 2.5K list upgrades your anti-tank ability (which was okay, but not great) and grants you some mobility so your Tac Squads don't have to footslog. The downside is that at 2500 points, enemy lists are going to have a substantial amount of anti-armor, and the only targets available for it are your Rhinos. So they'll probably get wasted pretty quickly.

    There's value in an all-infantry list like this, because it makes the enemy's anti-tank weapons largely irrelevant ("your lascannon killed one of my Tactical Marines, oh no!"). But all-infantry have limitations in terms of firepower and maneuverability. If you wanted to take that approach, I'd think about getting a Captain on a Bike, so you can take Bike Squads as Troops. This gives you scoring units that move fast, and can bring substantial firepower on the move, plus the captain provides some close-combat punch that is otherwise lacking in most Bike Squads. Then you have other options like Drop Pods for Tactical Squads or (even better) some Sternguard, to give you other options for heavier firepower.
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