1500pts Neopolitan - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts Neopolitan

    Chaplain Casius
    Master of the Forge
    -Power Weapon

    Tactical Squad 10man (DROP POD w/Stormbolter)
    -Meltagun/Missle launcher
    -Power Fist
    Tactical Squad 10man (RAZORBACK w/Heavy Bolters)
    Tactical Squad 10man

    Ironclad Dreadnought (DROP POD w/Stormbolter)
    -Heavy Flamer/Meltagun

    Land Raider

    Assault Squad 8man (Jetpacks->DROP POD w/Stormbolter)
    -Power Weapon


    -2 of my 3 drop pods will drop first turn automatically. (as I understand it)
    -Casius and the master of the forge join the assault squad in the drop pod and drop down and triple flame an important unit. Then the unit spends as much time as possible in assaults to maximize it's massive volume of power weapon attacks.
    -I'll usually drop the assault squad(with the 2 HQs) and the Dreadnought first turn to stir things up in their ranks while my landraider (which can pick up the tactical free tactical squad depending on objective) and razorback advance; but the dreadnought can wait a turn if a tactical squad fits the mission better.
    -The third drop pod with the tactical squad can come down either onto an objective or in a place they can shoot as much as possible but the seargeant has a powerfist incase they get into trouble.
    -I haven't fully decided on the tactical squads/sergeants weapons.
    -The split tactical squad has the lascannon and 4 bolter marines hide in the cover improved by master of the forge and the flamer and seargeant get in the razorback with the rest, and are capable of vehicle hunting or anti-infantry

    I haven't played any games in 5th edition rules yet (haven't played since 3rd edition) and haven't tested this army out yet , but I like to start soon.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome =)

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    HQ: Chaplin good. Master of the forge is poor. In the drop pod he won't be repairing any tanks or using a conversion beamer and isn't needed to get more dreads in the army. It is just an expensive way of getting a few more power weapon attacks in a squad. If you want this then upgrade the assault squad to vanguards instead but I would suggest swapping him for a cheap librarian who can give the squad a 5+ invulnerable to survive the disembarcation turn then cast nullzone as you pile in. His psy hood also protects from enemy psy powers.

    Elites: Good.

    Troops: Move the MM into a drop pod squad (who will be at closer range) and the ML into the footsloggers, otherwise fine.

    Fast: OK but you are a deadly unit landing within 12" of the enemy lines on turn 1 and you won't have that much support for a turn. You may feel the full rappid fire of the enemy army on his next turn and end up with 2 models left.

    Heavy: Who is going in this? If it is that tac squad then it's a waste. Swap it for a rhino and 2x AC/2LC preds.
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