I havn't done imperial guard for a while but i've bought a few tanks and painted a few, mostly for fun, got to the point where its not gonna cost much to finish the army.

Anyway, i've thought up this list, any tips, correcting mistakes and some help would be appreciated, though i already have all the tanks so they're a must in the list.

I'll mostly be playing marines, terminator/tank heavy marine armies and most probably tyranids, most likely with as much carnifexes, warriors in them as possible..

Doctrines I guess. Sharpshooters for a few squads and close order drill.

Command platoon
Heroic senior officer w/ power weapon and carapace
Plasma gun and master vox. 105

2x Anti-tank 3 Lascanons 240 (sharpshooters)

2 commissars w/ power weapons and carapace 150

Infantry platoon.
Junior office and staff w/ plasma gun, vox
3x Infantry w/ veteran seargeant, vox, plasma gun 328 (sharpshooters)

Armoured fist squad
w/ veteran seagreant, vox and meltagun.
Chimera w/ multilaser, botler, extra armour 171

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
3x Leman Russ w/heavy bolter 435