Hello everyone. Due to recent college expenses and other things i have been forced to put my belloved army of steel legion on the market. They are all in prime condition and have won several painting awards at a minor GW event and at local hobby stores in my area (all except twelve which are primed black because i have just barely purchased them at a garage sale). I am in Salt Lake City Utah so close buyers would be appreciated but wherever you are you are eligable for the army! The army contains the following:

-x1 Commander (Heroic Senior Officer)
-X1 Commisar
-x5 Seargents
-x10 Plasma Gunners
-x4 Grenade Launchers
-x4 Missile Launcher Teams
-x1 Lascannon Team
-x32 Guardsmen (x5 vox)
-x6 Chimera's (x5 w/ multilaser turret, hull hvy bolter, x1 w/ hvy bolter turret, hull hvy bolter)
-x1 Leman Russ Battle Tank

Now overall this army would cost around 700 Dollars on the GW market. I am looking from at least 400-500 dollar price range which includes for free:
-Imperial Guard Codex
-Army Carrying Case

Please contact me through private messages on here, thanks for your time!