Im relatively new to the guard and this is my first attempt at an army list.

Command squad 102
Junior officer- Honorific imperialis,refractor feild
Banner bearer

Mortar squad 80
Autocannon squad 95

Commissar- independant,stormbolter 55

Infantry platoon

Command Squad 84
Junior officer- powerfist
4x flamer

Squad A
Missile launcher,Grenade launcher 83

Squad B
Missile launcher,Grenade launcher 83

Squad C
Missile launcher,Grenade launcher 83

Conscript platoon
20 Conscripts 80

Hellhound- Extra armour,Track guard 130

Basilisk- Indirect fire 125

1000 points

Independant commisars
Conscript platoon
Rough riders (for the 1500 point list)
Close order drill

The commisar is attached to the conscripts, forming an essentially unbreakable unit. The HQ command squad is a a leadership bubble. The other is a counter assult unit.
Basic plain is to rain down template death on the oponent.

For fluff reasons there are not gonig to be any plasma guns or Leman Russ in the army.

Any advice would be appreciated