This is the new not sure about the atack bikes...i have been toying with the idea of putting a librarian in...or another razorback and a few power fists on my sargents.

Please give me some feedback

HQ:Tanius tarillus( Pedro Kantor). 175


10 space marines: SARGENT cobbi melta, missle luncher, melta 185

Razorback haevy bolters 40

10 marines : SARGENT (ccw&bp Lasscannon, flamer 185
Razor back Heavy bolters 40

10 marines : SARGENT (standard gear)lasscannon, flamer 185


5 terminators assault (thunder hammers & storm shields) 200

10 Stern guard 2 combie-melta 1 combie flamer,2 missle luncher 275
razor back heavy bolters 40

Seige dreadnoght, havy flamer Drop pod 180


Land raider redeemer 240


2 attack bikes, hevy bolters 100