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    1500 Tournament List

    Heres my first draft using the new codex,

    Librarian - Epistolary, Terminator Armour, Smite, Gate of infinity 175

    5 Teminators - Assault Cannon 230

    5 Sterngaurd Veterans - Powerfist, Combi-melta 155

    Dreadnought - Assault Cannon 115

    10 Space Marines - Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher 180

    10 Space Marines - Flamer, Misslile Launcher 170

    Rhino 35

    10 Space Marines - Lascannon, Melta Gun 185

    Rhino 35

    Vindicator - Dozer Blade 120

    Thunderfire Cannon 100

    All comments and ideas welcome

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    Good all round list.

    I have been using the gate librarian combo with terminators and it is very effective. However, I find that smite really doesn't work very well with it. I find most of the time when you teleport you want to stay more than 12" away to be out of assault range.

    Also if you try and teleport within 12" of an enemy to smite them there is a chance you could scatter and be within 1" of the enemy. This causes you to roll on the deepstrike mishap table and well that is generally very bad.

    My suggestion would be to drop smite for another power and lose the epistolary upgrade. Use the extra points to buy your veterans a rhino or razorback.

    I run my librarian like this:

    Librarian 140pts
    Terminator armor and storm shield, might of ancients, gate,
    5 temrinators 230pts
    cyclone missle launcher (assualt cannon is just as good for the most part)

    Hope this helps.
    Courage and Honour!
    - Battlecry of the Ultramarines

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