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    Any suggestions?

    doctrines, light infantry, specail weps, stormies, engineseers, camoline
    junoir officer w/ powerfist
    melta, plasma, medic, 2 troopers
    2 identical squads of infantry 1 with flamer vox other with grenade vox
    stormies with vet sarge grenade launcher and flamer deep strike
    tech priest w/ tech servitors
    3 usless sentinals w/ auto cannons
    chimera with track guard hunter missle exra armor
    demolisher with dual plasma canons las canon heavy stubber hunter killer improved coms track guard extra armor

    What do you call a lasgun with a lazer scope?
    a twin linked lasgun.... HA haha haha

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    I don't know exactly how many points this list is, don't feel like adding it up Anywho...needs some heavy weapons and the squads need to be stripped down a little.
    The HQ is too expensive considering small amount of troops on the board. A lot of different doctrines like the ones you have are good but they increase the amount of the troops a lot considering how fragile they are and really add to the complexity of play. Which guard shouldn't be complex. Simple strategy of outshoot the enemy suffices. The Sentinels allow you great fire support against most unit types but they are open to any mobile firepower the enemy has if you don't have more heavy weapons (heavy bolters ftw).

    I like the idea of the deepstriking storm troopers but having a melta gun in the squad will add to their strengths to allow exploiting the back armour of that vehicle that's giving you trouble. Not so much vehicle upgrades, they are big targets and you don't wanna throw away too many points on them if they die, so by stripping them down you can pull out another infantry squad if you want...which you do. More meat shields ftw.

    I've never used tech servitors in a guard list before but they are serving a good purpose of serving the lemon russ. They'd server better with a normal battlecannon russ though as you want to get this russ to the enemy fast, so they might not be able to keep up. I'd say drop the plasma cannons and the comms, guards, etc. An assault tank of this magnitude really only needs a few upgrades to keep it alive. Extra armour smoke launchers. If anything downgrade it's sponsons at least to heavy bolters and also the las cannon to a heavy bolter...that way if you lose the cannon you still have a lot of firepower on it that's going to throw out an impressive amount of downrange shots. Or just a las cannon so that way if the demolisher is destroyed you still have tank killing capability, also this way you won't be tempted to unload on the enemy instead of using D-Cannon.

    Overall experience will shape up this list along with a select purchase or two. It has a good fluff feel to it but even fluff doesn't spend this many points on every unit.
    "The only hatred any man should hone, is hatred against himself for not being able to serve the Emperor to his full extent. This is the hatred he should unleash upon the enemy, and in doing so, the Emperor will protect."

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