Just did this list, im not really a fan of the simplified new DEX and its lack of wargear options im very open to suggestions although im trying to use models and units that i already own, so on top of this ive got another dread, crusader, tact squad, scouts, speeder, attack bike and heaps of charecters.

Sicarius 200pts
Chaplian, jump pack, Digital weapons 125pts

Tact Squad 10 man,
Plasma Cannon
Power fist 205pts

Tact Squad 10 man
Missile Launcher
Sgt- Chainsword + Bpistol 170pts

Tact Squad 10 man
Missile Launcher
Sgt- Chainsword + Bpistol 170pts

3 x Rhinos, Hunter Killers, Extra Armour 180pts


Terminator Squad 5 man , Storm Bolters
Landraider, Storm Bolter, Hunter Killer 470pts

Sternguard Vets 5 man,
Sgt - Combi Plasma, Power Sword
Razorback, Lascannons, Storm Bolter,
extra armour, Hunter Killer 255pts

Dreadnought, Multi Melta, DCCW, Extra armour 120pts

Fast Attack:

Assualt Squad 10 man
SGT - Power Fist, Storm Sheild 230pts

Land Speeder Squadron, 3 Strong
Tornado Assault Cannons 270pts

Bike Squad 3 Strong, SGT - Power Sword 105pts


Chaplain joins the assault squad and aim for small units they can overpower.

the razorback with sicarius and the sternguards heads for any charecter units that sicarius can dispatch after a softening from vengence rounds and lascannon fire.

The speeders will head down one flank to soften up large units of infantry and draw fire away from the tactical squads which will head straight to the front line where they are needed.

The terminators will head for any monstorous creatures or tanks to finish anything the landraiders lascannons cant.

the bikes probobly wont do much before they are wiped out but ill try to get them into combat to tie up important enemy shooty units.