Imperial Guard 1500. Tank and Anti-tank heavy. Help needed. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Imperial Guard 1500. Tank and Anti-tank heavy. Help needed.

    Hi could anyone advise me if the list below is any good. I want an army that can deal with enemy armour, space marines, terminators and carnifex heavy tyrnaids. Thanks.

    Imperial Guard 1500

    Command platoon
    Heroic senior officer w/ power weapon
    Plasma gun and master vox, lascannon
    Commissar w/bolt pistol 151

    2x Anti-tank (3 Lascannon)

    Infantry platoon.
    Junior office and staff w/ botler, lascannon. 66
    3x Infantry w/ vox, plasma gun, lascannon, sharpshooters 330

    Armoured fist squad
    w/ vox and flamer
    Chimera w/ 2 heavy flamers, extra armour, track guards 171

    Fast Attack
    Hellhound, track guards 125

    Heavy Support
    3x Leman Russ w/heavy bolter 435

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    Well with 11 or so lascannons you are definitely covered vs heavy armor vehicles, and with three LRBT's supporting a Hellhound you will probably make an easy time of heavy infantry between the 5" and flamer templates.

    My only suggestion is that you drop 40 point commissar and turn your HSO into a JO with an honorifica to get the same HSO statline but by saving a few points.

    It is important to note that the Commissar Leadership does not transfer through the vox network, (it was clarified in a GW FAQ update that is floating around these forums somewhere) however with the J) inheriting the HSO statline a drop of 1 leadership point isn't so bad, plus the vox network is nice for getting assaulty squads stuck in assault with a standard guard squad for multiple turns and therefore keeping them off of other squads.

    I tend to play MEQ armies pretty consistently, with varying tactics from ravenwing to drop pos space wolves and Nidzilla lists, and the vox network has managed to get many 100+ point squads stuck in hand-to-hand combat with my 83 point guardsmen squads for typically 2-3 turns before they either win and consolidate or retreat and get rapid-fire'd into oblivion.

    The master-vox + vox network is well worth it when trying to tie up assaulty armies in general, even though many people around here will simply condem it as 'useless' because they sincerely believe that it is points inefficient.

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    I might use a little more anti-infantry in this list. I know your trying to take out some high toughness models but lascannon spamming isn't always going to help you. if you look at your anti-tank support squads they if they shoot at terminators your going to hit approximately 3 times (half), your mostly going to wound with al of them and the other player is likely to fail 2. Now if they were terminator heavy, your army would be bogged down trying to kill them all. The leman russes can help here but possibly take an additional support squadron with autocannons or hbs.


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    I support Plasma gunning terminators / marines, (adding into your line squads) I'd also put ML's into the squads instead of lascannons. They're one strength less, but great vs infantry (and krak is AP3 for those marines)

    I'd also take the voxes out, In your armoured fist squad take a vet sgnt and add melta grenades, and sprinkle the command squads lightly with melta guns cook for 4+ rolls to hit, and voila, tank souffle.

    I utterly dislike the lascannons in the command squads. They hide until short range, period.

    Drop sharpshooters in the line squads - that makes them a 35 point lascannon in reality.

    What's the commisar doing? he needs a power fist for what you intend to do with him.

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