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    1500 Space Marine Force

    Pedro Cantor
    175 pts

    Honour Guard
    2 Marines,
    Greater Champion (has combat blade)

    HQ TOTAL: 300 pts

    Sternguard Veterans Squad
    (Ten members, all have boltgun)
    250 pts

    (Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, Heavy Flamer and assault cannon)
    125 pts

    ELITES TOTAL: 375 pts

    Tactical Squad
    (One Meltagun, Sergeant has Chainsword and Bolt Pistol)
    100 pts

    Tactical Squad
    (One Flamer, Sergeant has Chainsword, Bolt Pistol and Meltabombs)
    95 pts

    TROOPS TOTAL: 195 pts


    Assault Squad
    (Sergeant has a Storm Shield, a Meltabomb and a Power Sword)
    135 pts

    Assault Squad
    (Sergeant has a Storm Shield and a Power Fist. Plasma Pistol in the squad.)
    155 pts

    FAST ATTACK TOTAL: 290 pts

    Devestator Squad
    (2 Heavy Bolters and 2 Missile Launchers, sergeant has boltgun)
    150 pts

    Devestator Squad
    ( One Lascannon, a Multi-Melta and two Plasma Cannons. Sergeant has a Boltgun)

    190 pts


    ARMY TOTAL: 1500 pts

    What are the pros and cons? Tell me what you think...

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    You need to revisit your codex a bit. Tactical Squads aren't able to select any special/heavy weapons unless they have ten men.

    When you're re-doing the list, I'd focus on the Troop section, as this has become the mainstay of 5th Edition. A good rule of thumb is at least one Troops choice per 500 pts, so I'd look at having 2-3 Tactical Squads and maybe a Scout Squad in your list at 1500 points.

    Sternguard are solid units, but pricey. They don't normally come with any real long-range firepower, so its best to get them close enough to rapid fire quickly. To this end, I think drop pods are the best option. Then you just want to maximize their destructive power, so a couple combi-weapons wouldn't be remiss.

    Devastators are kinda iffy in my book. Its nice to get the concentration of firepower, but the weapons are all significantly more expensive than they would be for Tactical Marines, so I look there for anti-tank ability (or Attack Bikes/Dreads with Multi-meltas, or Sternguard with combi-meltas), and then get anti-infantry power from something like a Predator Destructor, some Attack Bikes with heavy bolters, or just relying on regular bolters and other such. For the expensive weapons (lascannons or plasma cannons), they're just not really worth the points in my book. With heavy bolters, the Predator is a cheaper option, multi-meltas are inefficient because they're short-ranged and have to be stationary. Only Devastator Squad I might use would be 4 Missile Launchers because its a cheaper option, and the ML is very versatile. Plus you could break it into two squads with two missile launchers apiece, to engage different targets.

    Also, a 3-man Honor Guard isn't really worth it in my opinion. They're too easily wiped out by shooting, or just outnumbering them in close combat. If you're going to go with Honor Guard, I think it should only be in higher points game where you can make them a larger squad and give them some mobility to close with the enemy. A tricked-out Honor Guard in a Land Raider would be a fun (but very pricey!) unit for very large games.
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    devestator squad umm... bad lol, dont mix heavies unless they have the same purpose, a mix of 1 las, 2 multimelta and a plasma cannon wont work well together. Multimeltas short range, compared to the plasma and the las means they wont fire very often.

    and the second squad, all HB or all Missile launchers is much better. Pedo Cantor aint the best HQ choice for his points and I would consider changing him out for possibly something a bit more coherent with the army.

    You have 2 troops choises in 1500 points, no good, you need at least 4 when playing 1500 with the new objective rules

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