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    1000 Point Raven Guard semi-competitive

    Hey Everyone,
    So Im making a raven guard army and here's the list im working with right now. I'm trying to follow the fluff while still making a list that will do well at my GW veteran's night (1000 point games). The army relies on the locator beacon from the drop pod to give the vanguard veterans a heroic intervention charge as well as to help guide the land speeders when they deep strike. Tell me what you think.

    Raven Guard Chaplain
    -Plasma Pistol, Jump Pack

    5 Raven Guard Scouts
    -Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks
    10 Raven Guard Tactical Marines, Drop Pod
    -Plasma Gun, Multi-Melta, Powerfist, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon

    Fast Attack
    5 Raven Guard Assault Marines (w/ Chaplain)
    -Flamer, Sergeant Lightning Claws
    5 Raven Guard Vanguard Veterans
    -Jump Packs, 2 Plasma Pistols, 2 Power Weapons, Sergeant Lightning Claws
    2 Land Speeders
    -Multi-Melta ea.


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    Soul Reapers Necrons 8-14-2 Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyranids 21-7-1 Raven Guard Marines 12-6-5

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    Drop the Vanguard Vets. They are WAY too over-priced for a 1K list. They're so prohibitively expensive with jump packs that I question if they're ever really worthwhile. You could replace that 5-man Vanguard Squad with a full 10-man Assault Squad, and Vanguard die just as easily as any other marine in power armor.

    Other than that, the list looks pretty solid.
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    I have to echo Sokhar on the Vanguard Veterans. While they're excellent looking on paper, they are just far too expensive for what they are able to achieve, especially at this points level. I'd reserve them for larger games and use the points in other areas.

    Consider adding more Troops, perhaps a second Scout squad, and consider changing out the Tactical Squad's Plasma Gun for a Meltagun; I feel they are usually more useful (and cheaper!).

    I'd recommend dropping the Plasma Pistol on your Chaplain; it just adds more points to a model in a list size that you should be trying to save as many points as you can. I think they can be far better spent.

    I'm also not a big fan of Land Speeders in general, and specifically for Raven Guard; people assume that Land Speeders are fluffy for Raven Guard, and I disagree. I think they're about as fluffy as Terminators; the chapter has them, and uses them, but they aren't so commonly applied as, say, Drop Pods or Assault Marines.

    I'd recommend using the extra points for another Tactical Squad, or another Scout squad, or even another Assault Squad. Overall it's not a bad list, if a bit skimped on the Troops, and I think it could perform reasonably without too many changes. Those Vanguard Veterans are too expensive, though, and you're relying on them coming in with that charge far too much.

    Check out the Sons of Deliverance clan here on LO, which is linked in my signature. We're a clan dedicated to Raven Guard and her successors, and I'm sure you'll be able to get some more Raven Guard specific opinions from the members there.

    Good luck!

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