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    980pt competitive list

    For a campaign, force restrictions right now are base 1 hq + 2 troops, 1 hvy support
    Thats it for Good side so im lucky to be playing guard.

    Doctrines: Spec wep squads, grenadiers, drop troops, iron discipline, sharp shooters


    Command squad: JO, Vet w/ standard, hvy bolter, iron disc.

    Mortar team

    Fire support Squad: 3x auto cannons sharp shooters

    Anti Tank Squad: 3x lascannon, sharp shooters

    Spec weapon squad: 2 x flamers, democharge

    Sentinel w/ lascannon


    Infantry Command, JO w/ Bolter, 3x plasma guns, medic w/ bolter

    2 x infantry squads: ML, GL

    Grenadiers x 5, 2 x melta guns, vet w/ plasma pistol


    Leman RUss, hull hvy bolter

    Im pretty happy with the amount of long and short rang fire power i squeezed in. Its been very effective so far in shredding marines.

    I deploy my hvy weapons but deep strike the assult squads for a counter punch or tank hunt.

    Every squad can be a threat, and the leadership bubble is solid.

    Most armies at 1000 are so small they cant deal with all my squads. I suppose one down side is the leman russ is gonna be a magnet for anti tank squads, but its been survived every game so far.

    please give me criticism.

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    I'd say your army doesnt have enough squads, or is too soft. You have a solid meat shield but you're hvy weapon squads are big point sinks that an opponent can easily chew up. They are the most cost effective way to field large amounts of hvy weapons but may consider cameoleoline or more vehicles.

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