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    1750 DH Tournament list

    Inq + Psycannon + Null Rod
    2 x HB, 1 x PC servitors
    2 x Acolytes
    3 x Familiars
    2 x Sages
    2 x Mystics


    Callidus = 120

    3 x 7Pagk + Justicar = 675


    5 x Seraphims + 2 x Flamers = 124
    Superior + Book of St Lucius = 37


    2 x TLLC/ML Dread = 280
    1 x LR = 250

    Total 1749

    The idea is to have something to cover Objectives (1 squad goes into the LR and prays it doesnt die till round 4) while maintaining a decent anti-tank force to at least keep the opponent from firing (even crew stunned or shaken is good enough against lance weapons). The opponent has too choose between focusing on the LR which takes alot of firepower to kill or the mobile Dreads.

    The seraphim along with the inquisitorial squad are anti-infantry based. The seraphim are mobile enough to cause trouble on flanks while the Inquisitor and his friends will lay low behind 4+ cover and fire at anything that gets in 36 inches trying to kill the LR and/or dreads with meltas. And off course the null rod is there because I have had one to many Harlequins moping up unit after unit of grey knights.

    The Grey Knight squads are a little small for my liking but there is not much I can do to get the points.

    The Callidus is there to kill things like lootas, crisis suits with railguns, eldar sniper types, devastator squads in general things with Ld 7-8-9. I mean worst case scenario against a Tyranid player she takes out a 10 strong hormagaunt squad with toxin sacs and she makes her points and loses the opponent a scoring unit.

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    Hey, not a big DH expert but I can help you with your allied Seraphim. I would suggest running the unit like this...

    x4 Seraphim
    x2 Twin Inferno Pistols
    x1 Veteran Sister
    - Book
    - Eviscerator

    To be running hand flamers in this list would be kind of a waste because of your tiny amount of faith (1 point) Seraphim with flamers tend to burn through faith very quickly so this is'nt good if you just have 1 point. Like all DH armies you need anti badly and the inferno pistols and eviscerator do a fantastic job of this, plus this setup works better with a 5 girl unit, if your using hand flamers you should be running 8 - 10 girls.

    This setup may be a bit more expensive but I assure you it will perform much better.

    Hope I helped.

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    I don't think your list is legal. You need to have a Grey Knight hero to take Dreads.
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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