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    2000pts White Scars list

    So I have seen a lot of salamander armies, lots of Kantor armies and a few ultramarine armies. So I thought what about a white scars list. Theres not to many of those around mainly due to the cost of bike on the pocket book. There character isn't to bad, main thing is are his special rules worth the extra points he costs? or is a Regular captain on a bike better? Here's my attempt at a well rounded mix of bikes and infantry.


    .....pts Kor'Sarro Khan w/ Moondrakken

    240pts Command Squad w/ x2 Flamers, x1 Power Fist, all mounted on Bikes

    Good solid combat unit, nothing to fancy. Flamers to do some wounds on the way in and a powerfist just in case. Khan's FC and H&R rules help this squad dish out damage at not to high of a points sink.


    220pts x5 Bikes w/ Combi-Plasma, x2 Plasma guns, Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter
    220pts x5 Bikes w/ Combi-Plasma, x2 Plasma guns, Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter
    245pts x10 Space Marines w/ Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Missle Launcher in Drop Pod
    235pts x10 Space Marines w/ Powerfist, Meltagun, Missle Launcher in Rhino

    Strong firepower coming out of the 2 bike squads, keeps me using them purely on infantry units MEQ's and TEQ's. Drop pod unit gets close 1st turn to draw some fire away from the bikes that turbo boosted close. I think I will use the rhino squad to outflank with Khan's special rule and add additional support and/or anti tank.

    Fast Attack

    235pts x10 Assault Marines w/ Powerfist, x2 Flamers
    100pts x2 Attack Bikes w/ Multi-Meltas
    100pts x2 Attack Bikes w/ Multi-Meltas

    Giving the enemy even more targets at the left and right flank with the attack bikes and there mulit-meltas will make any armour start to sweat after they turbo boosted nice and close.
    Assault marines give me more bodies in the army and again give my enemy a LOT of targets.

    Heavy Support

    115pts Vindicator
    85pts Whirlwind

    2000pts Total

    I really like the vindicator in this list as it will draw a lot of heavy fire with me parking it right smack in the middle of the table. Its going to be my pin cushion. My bikes and my marines are my core and if someone is shooting at this, fantastic. I always loved whirlwinds especially now that there is a decent amount of ork armies out there. Doesn't hurt to have one around. 2 is even better.
    For a biker list I have a good amount of models in the army. I have a lot of targets and everything has a job to do with specific targets in mind. I have seen a bunch of bike list on LO with (in my opinion) to many bikes and to small of a model count. Just my opinion. This list seems very well rounded and pumps out lots of firepower. Plus it still is very fluffy with a White scars list, I think. Any ideas or comments would be fantastic.

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    I really like this list as you are incorporating mobility into what is still a balanced army. Khan and his command squad are still somewhat of a point sink but you've found a way to get other marines onto the field without sacraficing numbers. I also like the variation in the attack bikes to give you some flexability. I fear for the vindicator a bit, but that's what they do, they park somewhere fire acouple shots and normally get destroyed...Yet with terrain, you may want to consider atleast giving it a dozer blade to re-roll that dangerous terrain test. Worst thing would be to have it immobolized in your deployement (it's happened to me before, lol). Other then that, it looks good.
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