1500pts, standard marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts, standard marines

    Hi all, this is the list I'm looking at using. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, so I'd appreciate any comments.


    Captain - power sword, plasma pistol, artificer armour 145 pts


    Tactical squad - 10 men, flamer, missile launcher 170 pts

    Tactical squad - 10 men, plasma gun, missile launcher 180 pts

    Scout squad - 5 men, sniper rifles 75 pts


    Terminator squad - 5 men, either cyclone missile launcher or assault cannon 230 pts

    Sternguard squad - 5 men, power fist, combi-melta 155 pts

    Fast Attack

    Assault squad - 5 men, power sword, plasma pistol 130 pts

    Bike squad - 3 bikes, 1 attack bike with multi-melta, melta gun, plasma gun 170 pts

    Heavy Support

    Predator - twin linked lascannon turret, heavy bolter sponsors 130 pts

    Vindicator 115 pts

    Total 1500 pts

    I'm using the model with a power sword an plasma pistol from the old veterans mkII box as my commander, and my most common opponent is daemon hunters (shrouding ) and was consistently tying with my old list, which was essentially the same, but traded the commanders plasma pistol and the sternguard veterans for some various upgrades and a whirlwind, which I'm planning on including in a 2000 pt list. comments welcome.

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    i'd go with the cyclone on your termis. much more versitile as a weapon than the ass. cannon

    other than that, i think you need more bodies on the board, i'd find a way to increase the numbers on your assault squad...

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    HQ: He is ok but not great for the points. Lightening claws would help or at least digi weapons. A cheap librarian might be better with gate of infinity & nullzone. The Psy hood helps to block about 40% of enemy powers. Cheap chaplin with jump pack could also make the assault marines shine.

    Elites: Cyclone launcher for the terminators. Sternguard are ok but vulnerable especialy without a transport. Get them a razorback or drop pod.

    Troops: All fine. I like the HB upgrade for the scouts and possibly camo cloaks for them.

    Fast: Drop the bikes. Swap them for 2 attack bikes with MM and put the points into more assault marines. Drop the plasma pistol from the assault marine sarge for a PF or extra flamer in the unit.

    Heavy: The preds weapons don't compliment eachother and in 5th edition this design can no longer move & fire all weapons. AC & 2 LC version is much better or swap for a dread if you want the TL LC. The vindicator is fine.
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