Starting a Space Marine Army and would like to keep it cheap and cheerful as well as reasonably effective while sticking to a totally orthodox more ultramarine than the ultramarine fluff chapter and would appreciate any advice/ideas.

Captain, Relic Blade, Plasma Pistol, Melta-Bombs 150

10 Man Tactical Squad, Plasma Cannon, Meltagun, Rhino 215

10 Man Tactical Squad, Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Rhino 220
10 Man Tactical Squad, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Rhino 210

Whirlwind 95

Vindicator, Dozer Blade 120

Total 1000

Command Squad, Company Standard, 3 Plasma Guns, Razorback 215

Land Raider 250

Techmarine, Servo Harness, Servitor 85

Total 1500