This weekend i will be playing in a small tournament at my local GW i have decided i will be useing Dark Angels. I chose this list to be competitive and fun to play i decided to go for the Deathwing and Ravenwing so it actually feels like a Dark Angels list


Deathing Terminators-Assault Cannon-245

10 Tactical Marines-Plasma Gun-Plasma Cannon-195

6 Ravenwing Bikes-Power Fist-2 Meltaguns-Company Banner-Apothecary-305

Attack Bike-(Multi-Melta)-50


It is slightly low on Troops but it can have 3-5 Claiming units.

Any Feedback on how u think the army might do or what it might strugle against is more than welcome or if u have any suggestions on how it could be made better im all ears

Thank You

Peace Out