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    Balanced first army 1500pts

    Right so here it is, not trying to do anything fancy...

    2nd/95th Cadian Rifles

    Doctrines: Drop Troops, close order drill, iron discipline

    Junior Officer, Honorifica, bolt pistol, iron discipline
    Command squad, mortar, grenade launcher, banner

    7 Hardened Veterans, veteran sargeant, bolt pistol, 3 melta guns

    Plattoon 1:
    Junior officer, bolt pistol, iron discipline
    Command squad: mortar, 2 grenade launchers

    Squad 1: lascannon, plasma gun

    Squad 2: lascannon, plasma gun

    Squad 3: lascannon, plasma gun

    Platoon 2:
    Junior officer, bolt pistol, iron discipline
    Command squad: mortar, 2 grenade launchers

    Squad 1: missile launcher, grenade launcher

    Squad 2: missile launcher, grenade launcher

    Squad 3: missile launcher, grenade launcher

    Fast attack:

    Heavy Support:
    Leman russ battle tank, heavy bolter sponsons, lascannon

    Leman russ battle tank, heavy bolter sponsons, lascannon

    Leman russ demolisher, plasma cannon sponsons, lascannon

    Total: 1500pts

    Basically its a bog standard gunline. the drop troops is so the vets can deep strike and take out a juicy tank or two. my major quandry is whether to take a basilisk with indirect fire instead of one of the leman russes which would then give me few points which I would spend on some rough riders for a counter charge should the enemy get close...
    Any thought would be much appreciated.

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    If you are going to deepstrike the vets, you might as well nock them down to a 5man squad (since they will most likely only get 1 shot, that saves you 16 pts.

    Putting Mortars *and* grenade launchers in your command squads seems wasteful. You either want your command squad staying out LOS and giving command, or giving command but ready to help out with special weapons.

    I ran mortars (no specials) in my command squads in 4th, but now that armor is getting harder to take out (and with more deepstriking dreads) i have switched to two meltas in my command squads. This at least gives some added anti tank when hard units hit your lines.

    Missile launchers + grenade launchers, not my favorite combo for line squads. Well, grenade launchers in general kinda blow. For 2 more points you get can a plasma gun

    Lascannons in line squads, personally I take them in anti tank squads. I want them firing at hard tanks every turn, and there are times when line squads need to be moving, taking objectives, shooting at troops, ect.

    HB & flamer
    AC & PG
    ML & PG

    those are my favorite line squad setups.

    As for the heavy selection. I run LRBT (3 HBs), LRD (lasplas) and Bassie. But really a 2nd LRBT instead of a Bassie is a really good setup as well. Bassie can either be a terror/mvp, or blow, but a LRBT is rather reliable. Comes down to personal preference. But I would consider swaping the hull Lascannons on the LRBT out for a HB, save 20pts. But LasPlas Demolisher is hot.

    Overall a solid list

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    is there really much point in giving a junior officer the honorifica when he isn't really equipped for close combat (no special weapon of any sort), you could cut it and the bolt pistol off, save some points, drop the sponsoons on the battle tanks, drop the hardened veteran squad down to 5, take the veterans doctrine then you would probably be able to afford a stand back veteran squad with 3 plasma guns and a lascanon or take another 5man melta deep striking one.
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