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    1000 points friendly

    Hi everyone!
    I'm doing up my first space marine army in eons, I used to play back in 2nd edition (good old days) and stopped for awhile. After going through the motions of which army to choose, I finally decided to do a Space Wolves army using the Codex: Space Marine in anticipation for a future release.
    Here goes:

    (Rune Priest)
    Librarian (gate of infinity / null zone) 100

    (Wolf Guard)
    5 x Terminator Assault Squad 200
    4 x Lightning Claws
    1 x Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield

    (Grey Hunters) 190
    10 x Tactical Marines
    1 x Power Weapon
    1 x Melta Gun
    1 x Missile Launcher
    Dedicated Transport:
    Drop Pod 045

    (Grey Hunters)
    10 x Tactical Marines 190
    1 x Power Weapon
    1 x Melta Gun
    1 x Missile Launcher
    Dedicated Transport:
    Rhino 035

    (Blood Claws)
    10 x Assault Marines / J. Pack 225
    1 x Power Fist
    1 x Flamer

    Total Points Cost = 985

    This leaves 15 points left, which is where I could really use some help.
    Possible options include:
    - Extra Armor for rhino
    - Melta Bombs
    - Power Fist upgrade from Power Weapon
    - Extra Flamer / Plasma Pistol for Assault Squad
    - Replace Librarian with Company Captain w/ Power Weapon

    Also, what would you recommend for the terminator assault squad setup (i.e. no. of LC / TH & SS) since I've already ordered the Termies (in addition to the forge world conversion set).

    Just need to convert a rune priest and buy the rhino, drop pod & another tactical squad!

    The aim of this setup allows for some flexibility but depends on the drop pod. Termies either deep strike with the librarian going solo (teleporting like Nightcrawler & kicking butt) or accompany the lib. The lib can also accompany a combat squad tactical to assist.

    Sorry for the looooooooooooong post but you can probably guess that I've been mulling ideas in my head for a long time.

    Please feel free to C & C, I would really appreciate your input!

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    I do like your list, the terminator setup is a solid one, all those LC's to pack some massive infantry killing punch, and the TH to bash down any tank armour. With the 15 points it should definatly go onto the power fist upgrade, its invaluable.I'm worried you don't have enough anti tank in this army, 2 melta guns and 2 missile launchers is a little light, prehaps drop half of your assault squad and add 2x Attack bike w/ multi melta, these beasts are really amazing on the feild usually, and would definatly gel well with the speed of your army.
    Move forward and stay quiet brothers.

    Check out my half finished blog here.

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