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    Tournament List - 1500pts

    Just thought I'd post up a list I am working on for a tournament in February. All battles will be randomly chosen from the standard missions in 5th ed. There is a slight modificatino to the FOC in that there must be one more troops slot used than any other type. So if I want 3 heavy support units, I need to choose 4 troops choices. For this list I've chosen three troops choices so that means no more than two of any other type.

    Here's the list:

    Doctrines - Drop Troops, Hardened Veterans, Grenadiers, Close Order Drill

    HQ - 62pts
    JO with Bolter
    Vet with standard

    Troops 1 - 225pts
    10 man Grenadier Squad with Vet Sarge and Power Weapon
    2 x Plasmaguns
    Chimera Transport - Extra Armour, Multilaser, Hull Heavy Bolter, Smoke, Searchlight

    Troops 2 - 185pts
    JO with Bolter, 2 guardsman with Flamers
    Infantry Squad with flamer (x3)

    Troops 3 - 235pts
    JO with Stormbolter, Guardsman with plasmagun, Heavy Bolter
    Infantry Squad with Missile Launcher and Plasmagun (x3)

    Elites 1 - 75pts
    Hardened Veterans with Sarge and 3 meltaguns

    Elites 2 - 75pts
    Hardened Veterans with Sarge and 3 meltaguns

    Fast Attack 1 - 56pts
    Sentinal with Lascannon and Searchlight

    Fast Attack 2 - 120pts
    Hellhound with extra armour

    Heavy Support 1 - 158pts
    Leman Russ - Hull Heavy Bolter, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Smoke

    Heavy Support 2 - 158pts
    Leman Russ - Hull Heavy Bolter, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Smoke

    Total 1500pts, 95 men, 5 vehicles

    The basic idea behind the list is to form a core gunline with the 3rd Infantry Platoon and HQ squad. The Leman Russ's should generally operate together on a particular flank, shielding much of the core group. The Hellhound and mounted grenadier squad move forward together, hopefully up one flank to try and begin a pincer movement. The Lascannon Sentinal generally operates with the forward movers. Platoon 1 will drop in support of the grenadiers and hellhound, dropping in close to bring their multiple flamers to bear. Generally they form the second 'claw' in the pincer movement allowing a focus of fire on the enemy troops. The Veteran squads also drop in, again in support but targetting high threat units like enemy armour or monstrous creatures. I find it a rather mobile, combined arms approach to a guard army.

    Please feel free to comment, I'm always up for suggestions. The modified FOC is a bit of a pain I'll admit. Fire away!

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    first of all.......very nice mobile guard army!!!

    personally the only stationary units in my army are my basalisk, 1 squad with a autocannon/plasmagun , and 1 junior officer squad with a autocannon

    the rest are squads with grenade launchers or flamers, and command squads with assault weapons, and vehicles!!

    I would drop the sentinel, the vets with the melta guns can do this job far better, so the sentinel is not needed(most armies dont use many vehicles anyway, guard tends to use the most vehicles)

    other than that, it looks fairly good!
    Hellhounds are good tanks

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