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    2000pts Space Marines


    Got some new goodies for christmas, so thought I'd throw together a list for them. I'll be fighting my friend, who is running a new Space Marine list, but I've build this list to be a general balanced list.

    HQ: Captain: Relic Blade, Bolt Pistol: 130pts
    Troops: 10 Marines, Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Serg has PF, Razorback trans with HB
    (Captain travels with the combat squad, serg meltagun as support for the other rhinos) :240pts

    HQ: Chaplain
    Elites: 7 Sternguard (2 meltaguns, 3 combi-meltas), Serg has Powerfist, Drop Pod :255pts
    (Chaplian runs with them, they will be tank/heavy infantry hunting, the Chap gives them ome cc power)

    Elites: Dreadnought with TL-Las and ML: 145pts
    Elites: Dreadnought with PC: 115pts
    (anti-tank/Elite support)

    Troops: 10-man Tac Squad, Plasma Gun,Lascannon, Serg has PF: 215pts
    Troops: 10-man Tac Squad, Plasma Gun, plasmacannon, Serg has PF, Rhino: 245pts
    Troops: 10-man Tac Squad, Plasma Gun, plasmacannon, Serg has PF, Rhino: 245pts
    (The Tac Squad without the rhino sits back and tankhunts, and/or holds an objective. The other two tac squads move down with rhinosto seize objectives)

    Fast Attack: Attack Bike with MM: 50pts
    (Fast anti-tank, and I had 50pts spare)

    Heavy support: Land Raider Crusader with MM: 260pts
    (Fire Magnet, anti-infantry firepower and support)

    Total: 2000pts

    Any feedback iswelcome and very wanted,still getting to grips with the new codex.

    Hive Fleet Fuzzy Bunny: Lots and lots of points of Nids (4000pts+)
    The Chapter of the Damned: 5500pts of Dark Angels
    The Children of Fulgrim: 5-6000pts of Emperors Children
    The Kabal of the Bloodied Claw: 2000pts of Dark Eldar

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    HQ: 2 of these is fine in a 2000 point list. The captain has good strength and high initiative so will do ok. The chaplin is usually allocated to assault marines and the like to use his reroll hits on the charge ability. Giving him command of a shooty unit like sternguard is a bit of a missmatch. Either replace sternguard for assault marines or swap the chaplin for a gate of infinity librarian.

    Elites: Sternguard as above. First dread would be better swapped by a AC/2LC Pred which is cheaper and has more firepower and AV13 on the front. Plasma dread is fine.

    Troops: 4 tac squads is decent at 2000 points and the squads are equipped well.

    Fast: Love these. Get more.

    Heavy: Is the other footslogging tac squad going in here? It seems unnecessary. Drop the LRC for 2 preds/vindicators and 1 rhino or get 2-5 more MM attack bikes and some tank.
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