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    Semi-Competitive Raven Guard army 1750pts

    I just started a Raven Guard Army because of the new 5th edition and their awesome background.

    Shrike 195pts

    Dreadnought 105pts

    5 Terminator Squad 200pts

    5 Terminator Assualt Squad 200pts

    10 Tactical Squad
    - Drop Pod - Deathwing Missiles
    - Locator Beacon 230pts

    10 Tactical Squad
    - Plasma Gun
    - power Weapon
    - Plasma Cannon
    - Drop Pod - Deathwing Missiles
    - Locator Beacon 260pts

    Fast Attack

    6 Assualt Squad
    - Lighting Claw
    - Plasma Pistol
    - Melta Bombs 153pts

    5 Assualt Squad
    - Lighting Claw
    - Melta Bombs 120pts

    5 Vanguard Veterans
    - relic Blade
    - 2 Power Weapons
    - 2 lighting claws
    - Jump Packs
    - 2 plasma pistol 290pts

    Total 1753

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    HQ: Good.

    Elites: Dread should have one of the drop pods in my view. Your second tac squad will do fine on foot and claiming objectives on your side of the table. Terminators are fine. I would equip the assault terminators with 3xTH and 2xLC and infiltrate them with shrike during army deployment. In your first turn shrike can leave the unit and join assault marines while your assault termies move, fleet and charge into combat on turn one. A heavy flamer or cyclone launcher on the other termies would be useful.

    Troops: In a 1750 point list you really need another troop choice. 10 scouts with 9CCW/BP and 1 Shotgun/PF cost 165 and can inviltrate, scout move and fleet into combat, often on turn one.

    Fast: I would drop the first squad for 10 scouts as above. The vangards are too expensive. Swap them and your other unit for 2x10 assault marines with the odd flamer and PF/TH on the sarge.

    Overall you are a bit short of anti tank power so considder dropping the deathwind launchers and at least 1 locator beacon for some meltaguns in the tac squads and a cyclone launcher on the terminators.
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