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    1500 Blood Angel competitive

    Here's an edited version of a previous list i made that i want to make for my blood angels which I don't have a competitive force for yet.

    Lemartes- 125 pts
    4 death company- jump packs- 20 pts

    8 veteran assault marines- powerfist, power weapon, 2 X meltagun- 285 pts
    furioso dreadnought- death company, drop pod- 175 pts

    10 tactical marines- heavy bolter, flamer, power weapon- 220 pts
    10 tactical marines- plasmagun, plasma cannon- 220 pts
    10 tactical marines- meltagun, missile launcher, powerfist, melta bombs- 240 pts
    3 X rhino- extra armor- 165 pts

    Fast Attack:
    attack bike- multimelta- 50 pts

    the tactical squads split with the heavy weapon in one and the sarge and special weapon in the other. the heavy weapon squads sit on my home objectives while the others hop into the rhinos and head off with the jump pack marines following behind using the rhinos as cover. when they get close enough, everyone jumps out, rapid fires and the assault marines charge the remains. the furioso drops whereever i need serious support and attack bike snipes at artillery tanks and the like.

    Need any advice as i'd like to make this list perfect. and i mostly go against chaos marines, orks, eldar, and imperial guard.

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    Hi there,

    Pretty Good list, cant realy find anything wrong with it, just a variation suggestion,,, you could put three attack bikes in but use them as individual fast attack options so they can be spread out.

    Either that or try to get a predator in the mix with twin lascannons and hvy bolter sponsons, extra plate and a pintle mount. i face alot of orks and chaos, the hvy bolter will mash any light tanks and infantry so it can support your infantry, and the las will enable you to take out any armour they use, its also cheaper than a tac squad,

    Your gun choices are good becasue you can pretty much take on any class of enenmy with good results.

    Good Hunting


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    For me the list misses what blood angels are know for : jumppacks and jumppacks.

    You will advance with your vets and deathcompanny and in some games you will see that the 3x5 marines in their rhino will not have that closecombat punch to break the lines of you enemy. You will have a good firebase so thats nice but they are not so verry mobile if you need them at the front. Your dreadnought will be between your first wave and fire base if your "run" trows will be terrible.

    For me i prefer troops with jumppacks in combination with one tactical marine squad of 10. If your rhino's will be destroyed you will lose a lot of mobility and blood angels with al ot of jumptroops and elite are able to choose where the battle will be fought. Mobility is the key.

    I have tested this list 3 times now and its a good one. ( wins 1 draw 2 )




    furioso ( deathcomp, heavy flamer )
    5 vetassault ( 2 powerweapon, 1 meltagun )
    5 deathcomp ( jp )


    10 assault maines ( powerfist )
    10 assault maines ( powerfist )
    10 tactical ( plasma cannon , flamer , powerfist )


    1 attack bike ( multimelta )
    1 attack bike ( multimelta )


    1 baal predator ( heavy bolters )

    I am building a list with termies and 10 deathcompanny, i will post him later on.

    Try your list against different opponents and tweak it.

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