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    1500 point list w/ =][= allies

    Space Marines with Witch Hunter & Daemonhunter Allies


    --Jump Pack
    --Melta Bombs


    *attached to dominion squad

    Venerable Dreadnought
    --Assault Cannon


    10x Tactical Squad
    --Las Cannon
    --Plasma Gun
    *Combat Squads

    10x Tactical Squad
    --Las Cannon
    --Plasma Gun
    *Combat Squads

    11x Battle Sisters
    --Melta Gun

    11x Battle Sisters
    --Melta Gun

    5x Grey Knights

    Fast Attack:

    5x Dominion Squad
    Transport - Immolator
    --Smoke Launchers

    Land Speeder
    --Assault Cannon

    Land Speeder
    --Assault Cannon

    Heavy Support:


    The first list I've made since 5th edition came out. Yes it is allowed to have both ordos of the =][= as allies. It's a 1498 point list with 50 bodies and 5 vehicles. The main strategy is to keep the all the troop choices together in one large or two smaller groups with sister in front, marines in the mid, and grey knights towards the back. Everything else provides support where it's needed. Alternately I could take out 2 sisters and add 2 hk missles. Also I could put the landspeeders in a squad and play the grey knights as fast attack so they may deep strike. Thoughts or critiscism?

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