1750 Vulkan - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 1750 Vulkan

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    1750 Vulkan

    Lord Garret Turlairc (Vulkan He'stan)- 190pts

    5 Terminators- 240pts
    • Cyclone Missile Launcher
    • 2 Chain Fists
    Dreadnaught- 145pts
    • Twin-Linked Lascannon
    • Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad- 200pts

    10 marines
    • Multi-Melta
    • Melta Gun
    • Sarge w/ Power Fist
    TRANSPORT- Drop Pod- 45pts
    • Locator Beacon
    Tactical Squad- 210pts
    • 10 marines
    • Lascannon
    • Plasma Gun
    • Sarge w/ Power Sword & Melta Bombs
    Tactical Squad- 195pts
    • 10 marines
    • Missile Launcher
    • Flamer
    • Sarge w/ Power Fist
    TRANSPORT: Drop Pod- 35pts
    Fast Attack

    Attack Bike Squad- 150pts
    • 3 Bikes
    • 3 Multi-Meltas
    Heavy Support

    Predator Tank- 95pts
    • Autocannon Turret
    • Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    • Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter
    Vindicator Tank- 125pts
    • Siege Shield
    Predator Tank- 120pts
    • Autocannon Turret
    • Lascannon Sponsons
    1750pts Total

    My HQ will be dropping in with the first Tac squad. Hopefully the locator beacon on it will help with my subsequent drop pod and the Terms.

    I have a lascannon in my 2nd squad to provide some serious firepower and to guard my rather static tanks but with my Counts-as-Vulkan HQ should i just sacrifice the extra range for a multi-melta and stick a hunter-killer on my AT Pred.

    My attack bikes can be 3 seperate squads in case you thought they were all just 1 lump unit.

    Any thoughts on how to tweak this list? All helpful comments are appreciated.

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    HQ: Hmmm. I really like Vulkan but your list only uses 5-6 weapons that his special ability affects. Either drop him or really tool up the army with plenty of Meltas and flamers.

    Elites: TH terminators. Dread with MM and HF (possibly with a drop pod too).

    Troops: More meltas MMs or flamers, especially on the drop pod squads.

    Fast: Love the bikes (maybe get 6 by dropping a tank?)

    Heavy: All good designs but they don't use Vulkans abilities. You could replace the lot for another dread, more tac marines and some more MM attack bikes.
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