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    Senior Member bl00d bath76's Avatar
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    My 1,500 point white scars army:

    white scars special character on bike =205

    Command squad on bikes
    Commpany champion
    veterain with ligthing claw and storm shield =300
    veterain with lighting claw and storm shield
    veterain with thunderhammer and meltagun

    attack bike x2 =100

    Terminator assault marines x6 =240
    (3 of each)

    space marine devastator marines x8 =198
    missle launcher x4

    tactical marines x10 =180
    plasma gun

    tactical marines x10 =175

    scouts x5 =100
    missle launcher
    total =1448
    The battle plan for this list is for the attack bikes command squad and assault marines will use the outflank rule to cause some havok with the multimeltas dealing with any tanks and the command squad and terms will engage allmost everthink in ccb. The devasators will then be able to deal with tanks and infantry while the scouts sit on a home objective.
    Lastly the tactical marines will stay in squads of 10 and shall try to capture objectives around the field.

    Just post if you can find anything i should change just tell me what you guys think

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    HQ: He is quite costly and I must admit I am not that keen on outflanking as a basis for a good chunk of an army. It is ok for a few units but regular scout squads could fill that role for you. The command squad too makes this unit 1/3rd of your points value. Watch out for a battle cannon or mass fire that can whittle these units down rather quickly.

    Elites: Are these guys on foot or outflanking? Should do fine whatever you choose.

    Fast: MM Bikes are great.

    Troops: Getting a transport would help but it would be your only vehicle and so swapping one unit for 5 bikes counting as a troop choice could be done. Actually dropping the command squad could go a long way towards getting 2x5 man bike scoring units. Sniper scouts are fine at infiltration onto an home objective while in cover. I prefer the HB over the ML if the squad has sniper rifles.
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