Alright, so here is my 1850 tourney list I guess. I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips I already do not know on how to defeat these types of army lists, Space marine drop pod list, Eldar Flying circus, Necron hordes.

2X HQ: Palatine + Inferno Pistol/ Retinue: (6) Celestians + Meltagun + Heavy Flamer + Sacred Standard + Veteran Superior/ Immolater + Heavy Bolters + Blessed Ammuntion

2X E: (6) Celestians + Meltagun + Heavy Flamer( + Veteran Superior on one of them)/ Immolater + Heavy Bolters + Blessed Ammuntiond

3X T: (10 ) Battle Sisters + Meltagun + Heavy Flamer + Veteran Superior/ Rhino + Smoke Launchers + Extra Armor

3X Exorcists

I know there are some units that are kinda of pointless to have like the veteran superiors in the HQ and 1 E sqd but they are to provide attacks for the close combat. The sacred Standard is there cause I expect to be assualted, but I don't want to spend points on close combat as I feel the Faith Act hand of the emperor + Spirit of the martyr if need be will be efficent working in conjunction with the 3+ to hit and the Sacred Standards.