Hi all, I have decided to spin for a Raven Guard Army, including Shrike, because he is the coolest . Anyway, please enjoy, and comment!

Shrike - 195


10x Tactical Squad - 190
1 Flamer
1 Lascannon

10x Scout Squad - 150
1 Heavy Bolter (Helfire Rounds)
9 Sniper Rifles

Fast Attack

10x Assault Squad - 205
1 Power Weapon

5x Assault Squad - 145
1 Powerfist
1 Plasma Pistol
Melta Bombs

Heavy Support

Predator Tank - 165
1 Twin-linked Lascannon
Lascannon Sponsoons

My tactics are for the tactical squad to break into combat squads. The las cannon squad sits up the back with the predator and shoots at tanks and heavy infantry/threats.

My other combat squad takes a flank with the scouts, then moves in to rapid fire/close combat with the scouts pinning easy targats all-the-while.

My assault squad with shrike will infiltrate - then move in for the the first turn ownage involving 26 attacks (i think) on the other flank of their army.

My second assault squad will fly at the tanks of the enemy's army - almost as bate, to generate panic, and hopefully give Shrike's squad some slack. I have given them some fairly good anti-tank weapons.

I am looking for a good Elites choice, as well as tactics from your experienced attached to them .

Please comment on this list, and tell me what you think . Also please give your opinion on my tactics.