The area where I play prefer 1650pts to 1500pts for some reason. I agree the list is not perfect, but I'm still struggling with combinations. This list is mainly focused on the models I have available, but any suggestions would be welcome.

I also realise that the army lacks a bit anti tank power. Any suggestions on that will also be welcome.

Chapter Master(RBlade, AArmour,Storm Shield)

5*Honour Guard (4*RBlades,ChapterBanner)


Tactical Squad (Multi Melta,Melta Gun,Drop Pod)

Tactical Squad (Lascanon, Flamer)

10 Sternguard Vets(4*Combis{not sure what yet}, Drop Pod)

Librarian (Termie SS)

5* Termies (Assault or Standard, not sure wich yet)

Dreadnought (MM and DClose CW)

The basic idea is to drop the first TS on a objective, not too far away from the deployment area so it can be supported by the rest, then later drop SG a little closer to the enemy for most effective shooting. The CM and HG in RB for taking objectives or counter charge.

Librarian either with the SG or Assault Termies. That's more or less the idea. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.