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    1500-point Mech Guard

    I have been experimenting with a kind of mech guard, and it seems to do fairly well against my friend's Eldar and it won against 'Nids, but I'm lacking in Anti-Tank power, I need to kill AV14 more, and SM kill me as well. Any advice to get some more anti-tank? Also, should I get more troops in?

    Here's the List:


    JO with meltabombs
    x3 veterans with plasma


    x5 veterans with 3 melta

    x5 ratlings

    x3 squads of 10 grenadiers
    Each squad has:
    2 plasma guns
    Chimera with Smoke, EA, Multilaser, and Hull HB

    Inquisitorial ST's x10 with a rhino and 2 plasma guns


    LRBT: hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter sponsons
    Leman Russ Demolisher: hull Lascannon, Plasma Cannon sponsons
    Basilisk: hull Heavy Bolter, indirect fire

    TOTAL: 1493 points

    Any suggestions?


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    Ok this will disagree with everything you have heard, but if you are serious about taking out the big 14 without changing your list entirely, try one meltagun and one plasma gun with your grenadiers.

    All of your storm trooper units will be able to bust open tanks with ease because of the 2d6 you will get when within 6 inches. Most of their anti-tank will go at your leman russes while your chimeras get close enough to unload that one melta gun. The plus one on the vehicle damage table is vital, it gives you a 50% chance of destroying the tank if you penetrate.

    At the end of the day its 3 shots instead of 4, having that one shot that could take out any vehicle is worth having one less shot that could take out more infantry.
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