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    New Player 1500 point friendly list

    Evening all, new Marine player here although have played 40k for a few years. So far I've got the Black Reach set plus a couple of tactical squads gathered from the various boxed sets over the years and I'm looking to expand this into a 1500 point army. This is what I've come up with so far.

    Captain - Terminator Armour, Pair of Lightning claws

    Terminator Squad - 7 men, Assault Cannon

    Terminator Assault Squad - 5 men, TH/SS

    Dreadnaught - Drop Pod

    Scout Squad -
    5 men, ML and 4 Sniper rifles, Camo Cloaks

    Tactical Squad - 10 men, ML, Flamer, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon

    Tactical Squad - 10 men, ML, Flamer, Drop Pod, Melta Bombs

    Assault Squad - 5 men, Pair of Lightning Claws

    The idea behind the list is that of a small reacon team (the Scouts) infiltrating an enemy postion and then calling in a lightning assault.

    There are a few things in this list which have no tactical reasoning behind them. The terminators are 7 strong for no reason other than I had some points spare and I like terminators and the Melta Bombs are just to spend the remaining points. I also feel I'm a tactical squad short but I don't want to buy 4 drop pods to find that I want to change the theme of the army and I've wasted 80 quid.

    I'm also not partically sold on the Assault Squad either other than as a choice which will give me some mobility after I deep strike in.

    I'd appreciate any comments or criticisms however there are a few things I'd be reluctant to change. I don't like special characters and I don't want to drop too many of the terminators or stray to far from the overall idea of the army.

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    more terminators. 10 strong with 2 specials. i prefer cyclones but you may prefer assault cannons.

    i would drop the assault squad for this. 5 guys doesn't really add much and they're likely to get shot up pretty quick.

    if you have the models, the tactical squads may benefit from multimeltas. they are liukely to be in range when they drop.

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