I was recently challenged to come up with a balanced list. A friend of mine finds my affinity for devastator squads disturbing . The basic idea is to have a mechanized infantry list to exploit an opening created by a drop pod assault. The mechanized
advance is to be reinforced by deepstriking terminators as needed. and supported by the attack bike squadron to deal with armor units. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Marneus Calgar, Armor of Antiochus

Librarian (Epistolary) w/ terminator armor


10x Tactical Marine MM, MG, CM, PF, Drop Pod

10x Tactical Marine LC, MG, PF, CF, Rhino

10x Tacctical Marine LC, Flamer, PF, CF, Rhino


5x Terminator HF

Fast Attack:

3x Attack Bike w/ MM

Heavy Support:

5x Devastator Marine 2x LC, 2x PC