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    1500 Point 1st Co. Captain List

    I have my own "Lysander" for my chapter (no name yet, just Captain of First Company) and I was wanting to take a list where I would use him. This was the result. I'm hoping for a more offensive list than I normally go for since I tend to play a bit defensive.

    1st Co. Captain Mysander (heh, a name!)

    Terminators x7 w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher (HQ here)

    Tactical Squad x10 w/ Powerfist, Flamer, Multi-Melta

    Tactical Squad x10 w/ Powerweapon, Meltagun, Multi-Melta

    Scout Squad x10 w/ Bolt Pistol/CCW and Powerfist/Shotgun

    Scout Squad x5 w/ Bolt Pistol/CCW and Bolt Pistol/Powerweapon

    Land Speeder w/ Typhoon Missile Launcher and Heavy Bolter

    Land Speeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer (5 man Scout Squad here)

    Predator w/ Turret Autocannon and Sponson Lascannons

    I know it doesn't completely capitalize on lysander but part of the reason I took him was because I want the enemy to panic and shove too much firepower into the unit while everything else pounds them flat. With normal terminators he twin-links their Storm Bolters as well. I also like that this list is pretty much a mechanized list.

    As for what I have to add to the list, I own:
    Captain on bike/Sicarius/Terminator Captain
    Terminator Chaplain
    Libarian (terminator and power armor)
    Total of 10 terminators (including those posted)
    Five man bikes
    Five man Assault Squad (Pweapon/Flamer)
    Another tactical Squad (variable loadout)
    Dreadnaught (variable loadout)
    Another Typhoon Landspeeder

    Hope that gives some ideas.

    'An open mind is like a fortress with its walls unguarded and its gates wide open' -Blood Ravens

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    From what I can see the basic list is sound. The only concerns I would raise are that the lone speeder may have a very short life expectancy and 7 terminators in a 1500 point list is a large chunk of points for fewer bodies than you might be able to get otherwise. Sternguard vets are cheaper and might benefit more from Lysanders special abilities. Adding combi weapons will give you flexibililty at lower cost, and having special ammo bolters/heavy bolters effectively twin-linked will make baby xenos and heretics cry. Otherwise I think your fundamentals are solid.

    Good Luck
    I LOVE the smell of promethium in the morning!

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