Angels sanguine army list
Company captain-
Melta bombs
Power sword
Combi melta-gun

Assault squad-
Veteran sergeant with melta bombs
Power sword
Combat shield

Tactical squad-
veteran sergeant with melta bombs

4 Death Company
Jump packs

500 pts.

it has een designed mainly as a normal marine army with an emphasis on close combat.

the company captain is there to help with any assault on the enemy and will either accompany the tactical squad in anhiliation or if i get him a jump pack will go with the assault swuad. he is also to assist the assault squad and tactical squad in taking out vehicles

the assault squad will leap from behind terrain across the battlefield then close with the enemy. melta bombs are there to counter any tanks and vehicles that present a threat. they wil be very useful in countering orc trucks.

the tactical squad is there to hold objectives, draw firepower and generally act as the grunts. they will hold the home objective in a capture and control. if anhilation will run until in range. i gave them melta bombs as they may be called to take out tough enemy vehicles.

death company try and get into combat and munch some enemies. also try and draw as much firepower as possible.

possible additions for another 500 points.

scouts with sniper rifles and missile launchers
more tactical marines
chaplain with jump pack
commander dante
attack bike
extra assault marines
terminator captain

thats the list now, what do you think?